Automatic Batching Scales & Automatic Weighing Scales for Sunderland

HK Process Measurement can supply & install Automatic Batching Scales & Automatic Weighing Scales for companies and businesses in the Sunderland area.

Over the years HK Process Measurement have designed, developed, and manufactured many batch weighing and control systems.

What is a batching system?

A batching system allows a machine operator to fill a container or FIBC with a pre determined amount of product.

The machine operator enters the weight required into the batching system controller. The machine operator then presses the start batching push button. The weighing system performs an automatic tare (sets its self to zero) and inflates the FIBC liner.

The control system opens the feed valve in the filling head, this allows product to flow into the container to be filled. Once the weight in the container reaches the target weight set by the machine operator, the feed valve closes automatically. The batching cycle has now completed and the full container is ready to be removed.

We have designed, and manufactured batching systems for many different applications in many different industries. Each system tailor made to the clients individual needs.

Please contact us by email or by phone and talk to us direct for more details on what we can provide.

Automatic Batching Scales, Sunderland
Automatic Batching Scales, Sunderland